What is Ego Anyway? Part 6 Ego versus True Self

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(See Comic) Basic Tenants of Ego Thinking I, Me, Ego, Illusion, Duality, Impermanence, Separation, Loss, Competition, Difference, Specialness, Guilt, Fear, Death, Materiality, Bodies, Perception Basic Tenants of Truth Oneness, Spirit, Truth, Eternity, Permanence, Love, Unity, Life, Being Who is the true you? Well, to answer that question, consider this little fact: anything that can be stolen (or taken) from you is not you. Makes sense right? After all, how could you ever be stolen from yourself? So, when you start to think like that, you can more easily identify all the false junk that blocks your true self. Which is to say, you can start to better recognize ego. dna sequencing To someone very much entrenched in ego thinking, the realization that anything that can be stolen from you is not you starts to feel a lot like peeling back the layers of an onion. When you peel back the layers of an onion, it just keeps on peeling. And in the end, all that is left is tears. dna sequencing However, in that seeming emptiness is the space necessary for the true self to once again emerge. It is a state of freedom where the false is recognized as such. Anything of the ego is impermanent. And to identify with impermanence is to identify with weakness. Thus, identifying with impermanence is all an ego setup to experience the idea of loss, which reinforces the ego’s belief system. Just as anything that can be stolen from you is not you, anything you can lose is not you. You can always lose your ego because it is ultimately impermanent and simply an illusion. However, you can never lose your true self, even if you try to bury it. Considering the fact that your body will someday seemingly die (as if it was actually living to begin with) reveals that even what you think of as your life isn’t really you. Life with an opposite (death) is not life but instead a parody of life which is used by the ego to reinforce its insane thought system of separation and punishment. Under the guidance of the ego, people drape themselves in all sorts of superficialities. I’m me, not you. My body, my race, my culture, my gender, my history, my religion, my geographical location, my occupation, my relationships, my possessions, my personality quirks, I am different. I am a great special spiritual person. In the World but not of it