The Truth About Consciousness

(See Comic) Text from comic: Consciousness is a widely used word. Yet, it is also a poorly defined word. Even though people use the word a lot, What consciousness Really is Is for the most part a mystery. For example, Look at how mainstream science and spirituality tend to approach the mystery of consciousness: The mainstream scientific materialist approach to consciousness: A bunch of very complex physical, informational processes that we don’t understand, but believe we will eventually understand, evolved to give rise to the phenomenon of consciousness. Problem: Requires that the bass ackwards idea that matter makes mind is true. Unconscious Agenda: To keep people perpetually searching for answers outside themselves where every new piece of knowledge just reveals a new mystery.The mainstream spiritual Religious approach to consciousness: God (or gods) did it. And we have any number of contrived theories explaining why God (or gods) would do such a thing. Such as, God wanted to experience himself as other, or consciousness needed to evolve, etc. Problem: Requires a dualistic God with an undeniable sadistic streak; in other words, an oddly humanlike god. Unconscious Agenda: To sacralize the world and thus justify dualism. It makes the world out to be real & often condones the idea of godly punishment.Even though on the surface they seem different, what the mainstream approaches to consciousness have in common is that they are inherently apologetic to dualism. In other words, they treat duality as a given truth. However, the truth about consciousness is that consciousness is itself where duality comes from.So, here is the truth about consciousness: Although consciousness is often construed to be some kind of airy, complex, and lofty phenomenon, when thought about plainly, consciousness is really quite simple. Put plainly, consciousness is the awareness of otherness; it is a sense of me relative to another (observer relative to an observed) (subject vs. object). In other words, consciousness is the idea of two (duality); it is the quality of the awareness of difference, Otherness. Using this simple definition of consciousness, everything in the universe is definable as conscious--All the way down to the level of Turds & subatomic particles. And what this says about the universe is that it is built out of duality. And consciousness is the source of this duality. Coming Next: Duality versus Oneness: Since consciousness is a state of duality, consciousness is only a great thing if you think duality is a great thing. So the question is, are you a dualist or a non-dualist ??? definition of life, consciousness expansion