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The Mechanics of Non-Duality

(See Comic) The little one safely sleeps in the home of the big one, yet dreams of exile to the fictional land of two. Wake Up Little One… Note: Don’t take this part of the comic representing oneness literally. There are no separate things like beds in oneness. In eternity, The little one wakes up as soon as dozing off. Yet in dreams of time the slumber seems to last. I’m separate. This is a new Experience & this sucks. I’ll Runaway So Funny I Forgot To Laugh Where There was Only Love Now There's Fear...only innocence now guilt...abundance now scarcity. I'm Conscious...I Perceive. Oh crap! What did I do! I Just Destroyed Heaven! Dad is going to be pissed! This guilt is horrible! I’ve got to get rid of it! I'll make my own world opposite to heaven to hide in. I'll build a world out of two (separation) instead of one (unity). And onto that world I'll project my guilt and so make it unconscious. That way I can pretend the guilt is in others and not me. To do this I'll make bodies. I'll split my mind up And I'll put myself in bodies. That way I'll be able to limit my awareness to only what I want to be aware of. Namely, one little body at a time. And so the world will seem outside me and separate. The perpetual reliving of the seeming split from heaven and consequent guilt. Commence the serial adventures of the body. Symbols of duality and separation abound. And so the mechanics of non-duality are this: duality is completely unreal. So do not ask the insane question: How could oneness (god) allow this? For there is no this. This is but a nightmare of separation. Stop believing in nightmares and wake up.

Duality vs. Oneness

(See Comic) Text from the comic: The great spiritual teachers of human history, such as Buddha and Y’shua (Jesus), were pure non-dualists. And the fact that they were pure non-dualists is what made them so great; pure non-dualism is the mindset required to make rapid spiritual advancement. Unfortunately though, non-dualistic teachings when handed over to dualists get transformed into dualist teachings. This was especially the case of the teachings of Y’shua in the formation of conventional Christianity. Following in the dualist, old testament tradition, Y’shua was turned into the ultimate sacrifice, simply replacing the old animal sacrifices, to a dualistic God who recognizes such a thing as sin and demands reparation. (There is a reason that it is difficult to try to reconcile the few things Y’shua actually said that are reported somewhat accurately in the Bible with almost everything else in the Bible.) Here is how a common dualist sees the world: I am a separate body that was made by other bodies, born into the world outside my body. I didn’t necessarily ask to be here in this kill or be killed world, but I am here now. I will eventually die and be united in the dust with other bodies dying like myself. Perhaps I have an individual soul that will be damned to hellfire or accepted into the Heaven country club. I’m not quite sure about that, but just in case, I’ll pretend to do good (yet secretly resent it) in order to avoid godly punishment. And whether God made this world and my body, or it was some weird accident, I believe it is real. And I believe that what I do in this world I do unto something separate from myself. Here is how a pure non-dualist sees the world: I dreamt this all up. It is a dream built of the idea of two: the insane idea that I could separate myself from oneness. It is completely unreal and impossible in reality, which is oneness (A.K.A. God). Everything I seem to do in this dream I do unto myself because there is really no body out there but my own thoughts of duality. By realizing this, I undo the fearful thought of two that kept me dreaming and I thus awaken back unto reality (oneness), which I never really left. The Dualist or Non-Dualist Quiz Check All that apply to you God made the world -1 I made the world +1 I’m an atheist -1 I’m an agnostic +0 I’m a polytheist -1 Matter makes mind -1 Mind makes matter +1 What I do to others I do to myself +1 Other people are separate from me -1 Hell is real -1 Duality is real -1 God Punishes -1 Oneness is the only reality +1 God made Individual Souls -1 Add up your Score. If you scored below 0 you are a dualist. If you scored above 0 you might be a non-dualist. Monistic Idealism Coming Next: The Mechanics of Non-Duality