De-Roboticize Yourself Part 4: Semantic

*(See Comic) Semantic Circuit This is the builder communicator circuit. Its mission is to manipulate and map the environment. The semantic circuit is usually imprinted by the age of 5. People highly dominated by the Semantic Circuit tend to be scrawny, unimposing, and in extreme cases extra-tall. All their energy goes up to their heads. This is the dominate circuit of the archetypal nerd. The semantic circuit binds time together through the spread of information across generations. Ideas like “the wheel” or “movable type” are ubiquitous in the minds of most contemporary humans because those ideas have been spread thanks to communication facilitated by the semantic circuit. It is like our minds are haunted by the thoughts of people from the past. And if you use your own semantic circuit to upload your thoughts and spread them via symbol systems then your thoughts will haunt the minds of people in the future. Dumb parents tend to have dumb kids, not for genetic reasons, but because dumb parents under-stimulate the semantic circuit, which leaves a dumb imprint. And conversely, smart parents tend to have smart kids, not for genetic reasons, but because smart parents adequately stimulate the semantic circuit, which leaves a smart imprint. (In this sense, being dumb and having a child is essentially a form of child abuse in the contemporary world.) The semantic imprint is sort of like a person’s operating system. If you have a bad operating system installed then it won’t be able to run many new programs (learn); it will be prone to viruses (manipulation); and it will be prone to crashing (running out of memory). Fortunately though, imprints on higher circuits are more changeable. Consequently, a bad semantic imprint (operating system) can be tweaked for someone who truly aspires to get smart. (The simplest method for smartening up is to hook learning a new symbol system to emotional territorial power acquisition.) On the semantic circuit, smart means being dexterous and articulate, while dumb means being clumsy and inarticulate. A person with a well rounded and well developed semantic circuit is good at things like speaking, writing, drawing, building, fixing, playing instruments, and these days, computers. Being smart is more advantageous for securing resources in the contemporary world than being tough (emotional-territorial). However, having a well developed semantic circuit is not the end all of human achievement. You still want to be well rounded and fit for developing higher circuits. Without higher circuits operating, the semantic circuit can be used and abused to perpetuate all kinds of insanities. Because ultimately, reason is a whore. And so you can use semantic mapping capabilities to weave together all sorts of squirrelly models of reality to justify all sorts of varieties of self-serving insanity. (Note: A popular theme on old episodes of The Twilight Zone was dystopias built out of abuse of third circuit rationalization.) Exercising this circuit: Your semantic map is no better than other people’s unless it contains and outstretches other people’s maps. Consequently, honestly try to understand the thought systems of people that seem foreign to, disagreeable to, or beyond you. Acquaint yourself with various religious thought systems and political ideologies. Get a book about physics, like one by Stephen Hawking or Brian Greene. Read it thoroughly until you start to understand things like Einstein’s relativity and Schrodinger’s cat. Expose yourself to different cultures. Explore and learn to appreciate a variety of music types from all different eras and genres. Start a notebook where you constantly draw, redraw, record, and rerecord your map of reality. Imagine that you are doing this in order to eventually communicate to other people your map of reality and why it is the best one. Eventually you’ll have a large collection of notebooks and a much larger map of reality than you started out with. Semantic Circuit (Reason) (Time Binding) Main Concern: Can I build or conceptualize this? Imprinting: Imprinted usually by age 5 Imprint: Smart (infophile) or Dumb (infophobe)? Drugs that emphasize this circuit: Caffeine, Cocaine, Speed