New Book Updates

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(Update: 9/19/10) The big announcement will be coming in ten days.

(Update: 7/30/10) It is looking more and more like the book will become available in September. Things could change though. But I’m trying to get the ball rolling. If you snooze you lose.

(Update: 7/12/10) Waiting…waiting…waiting. I’ve got several people I’m waiting on who will help me determine the fate of the book: how and when it will be published and in what final form. So, we’ll see how that all unfolds.

(Update: 4/21/10) The book is done and in the editing stage. When it will be available depends on who I decide to let publish it. It could be available as early as September or as late as 2012; it all depends. In the mean time, I’m going to be overhauling this site sometime soon, so save anything from the site that you really like because it might disappear.

(Update: 2/04/10) I have around 85% of the book finished. And after it is finished there are a number of phases to prepare it for publishing.

(Update: 12/01/09) I have around 65% of the book finished. However, I’m drawing a lot of blanks on the remaining 35%. It looks like the book should be out sometime in the second half of 2010. We’ll see, but whatever length of time it takes it will be worth the wait.

(Update: 9/14/09) I’ve been working on the drawing part of the book for a few months now and I’m only about 15% finished. It is hard, slow work that relies heavily on sporadic inspiration. I hope things start to speed up, but I don’t know. Making hundreds of interesting, witty, non-repetitive pictures to illustrate what are mostly abstract concepts is a challenge.

(Update: 6/21/09) I’m getting to work on the drawing portion of my upcoming book. Can’t say when it will be finished yet, let alone when it will be available for purchase. Be patient; it will be worth the wait.

(Original: 2/17/09) Starting my new book (The Universe Book).