De-Roboticize Yourself Part 6: Reality Tunnels

(See Comic) Most people are Naive Realists. And put simply, a naive realist is a person who believes the world he or she perceives is the real objective world. Although most of us may be able to look into the sky and say, that is the sun, we all experience the sun differently. One person may see the sun simply as a sign of a nice day. Someone else may see the sun as nuclear fusion in process. And someone else, like poet William Blake, may see the sun as a hundred angels singing “Holy, Holy, Holy!” Who is right? Well, that depends on your own experience. And it also depends on your objective. According to the 8 circuit model of human consciousness, our experiences and objectives are predominantly programmed by the way we are individually imprinted. If we just look at the first two circuits, bio-survival and emotional-territorial, we can start to build a grid of general types of people and how they experience the world based on their imprints. On the bio-survival circuit, a person either gets an imprint that the world is safe or dangerous (and lots of things in between). And on the emotional-territorial circuit a person gets and imprint of being strong or weak (and lots of things in between). By combining the imprints on those two circuits we get 4 general types of people. Hostile Weakness I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay criminal Hostile Strength I’m Okay, You’re Not Okay tyrant Friendly Strength I’m Okay, You’re Okay benevolent leader Friendly Weakness I’m Not Okay, You’re Okay benevolent follower If we add the third circuit(the semantic circuit, infophobe or infophile imprint), things quickly get more complex. And things get even more complex when the fourth circuit (the socio-sexual circuit, normal or deviant imprint) is added. However, since most people are dominated by their lower circuits, a lot can be gleaned about a person just by studying her or his first and second circuit imprints. Inevitably, since we all have different imprints, we all live in our own little reality tunnels. And if we got rid of all forms of the verb to be in our language (be, is, am, are, was, were, been and being), as was suggested by philosopher Alfred Korzybski, we’d be much more attuned to that fact. And we’d also avoid wasting time arguing with people over things like, whose music is better, Snoop Dog’s or Beethoven’s. It all depends on your imprints and thus your objectives. Some people were imprinted to respect Snoop Dog and some people Beethoven. If you were to say, according to my version of reality Beethoven’s music is far superior to Snoop Dog’s, that would be a truthful statement. Yet, it would also recognize the other person’s reality.To exist in this universe means to be trapped in a particular tunnel vision of reality. But you can at least expand your tunnel into more of a landscape by awakening higher circuits. Because with higher circuits, you start to gain more control over lower circuits and so your imprinting becomes less rigid and more malleable. Sometimes it is good to have some hostile strength. And sometimes it is good to have some friendly weakness. You want to be flexible and not a robot so that you can make choices that truly lead to happiness instead of trying to just satisfy your roboticism. Freedom of mind is freedom from misery.