Plans for 2009

The whole reason I made this website was so I could publicly experiment with ideas that I could eventually turn into some books while at the same time building up a base of people who would be interested in buying the hypothetical books. Last year, I put together my first book called “Dissolving Dollars,” which explains the modern monetary system, why it’s a scam, and how to fix it or escape it. I learned a lot putting that book together. Recently, I’ve been tweaking that book in order to put out a second edition. The first edition was good, but after quizzing people who read the first edition and rereading it myself several times, I felt I needed to change a few things up and emphasize some important ideas more heavily. If you are one of the cool, supportive people who bought the first version of “Dissolving Dollars,” you’ll be able to download a free PDF of the second edition once I get it to market.

Once I have the second edition of “Dissolving Dollars” out shortly, I’m going to start working on another book, which will be about philosophy and spirituality; it will basically explain the entire universe and existence. I already know what I’m going to title the book, but for now I’ll just publicly call it “The Universe Book.” I intend to make “The Universe Book” more like a comic book than “Dissolving Dollars.” Hopefully, the visual format will make it easily accessible to most people despite its far-out concepts. I’m aiming to have the book near completion by the summer. And to help stick with that time goal, I’m not going to be making any new web-comics for the site for the foreseeable future—unless making a web-comic happens to overlap with something I’m doing for the book. Also, you may see some progressive changes to the site to make it align more with the upcoming book. I know there are a number of series I started on the site that I never finished, but all that stuff will be covered one way or another in the book.

Since a lot of the stuff I want to explain and teach is fairly elaborate, cutting it up into little web-comics/blog-posts has proved to me not to really work—at least not in a way that satisfies me. I need to start from the very beginning and lead people down a consistent, logical, linear path to make sure people understand exactly what I’m trying to communicate; a book will allow me to do that.

So, anyway, I’m not saying that I won’t put anything new up on the site during the next couple of months, but the only really significant site-related thing I foresee coming down the path will be my new book. So, stay tuned for that.