New Site

An all new is up now. And what I decided to do with the site is make comics instead of writing articles. Comics are more in tune with the way I think than writing. I mostly think humorously, deep, and visually. When I try to apply my true thinking style to writing, it becomes a kind of Joycean-Borges-esque tapestry of layered, densely ramified meaning that is not very palatable to 99.9% of people. Consequently, I think comics are a better medium for being true to my thinking style while at the same time being comprehensible to more people.

The first comic I made is called “The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging.” It is basically the prototype for the comic series. In the comic, you can see how real, useful information is combined with jokes and pictures. It is infotainment.

If there is ever a comic you particularly like and you are subscribed to the site through email and have underground access, you can print out the comic in high quality and hang it up to share with people. And I intend to make large poster’s available for purchase of certain comics. And I also intend to release comic books for purchase periodically.

You can find out more about the new comic at the new About page.