My New Book, New Site, and the Future of this Site

New Book

Well, I finally have a book out for people to buy! It is called, Dissolving Dollars: Exposing the Debt-Based Insanity Behind Modern Money and it is currently available at The book is similar to my “The Truth about Economics” series, and it even shares the same aesthetic style; it is a book that wants to be a comic book but isn’t quite one. Amazon doesn’t have the “look inside” feature running on the book yet, but you can follow this link to see a video of me paging through the book to music. I made the book as simple as I could in order to make understanding the true workings of money and the economy as easy as possible. And thanks to its delicious blend of Americana and post-literate minimalism, it has been nominated for The Prestigious Stephen T. Colbert Award for The Literary Excellence!

Along with the new book, I have a new website that will be strictly about economic subjects called So, if you are interested in understanding economic truth, go to that site and subscribe/bookmark. And if you aren’t interested, you probably should be…at least a little. Because what you don’t know about money and economics costs you—even if ignorance is sometimes bliss in the short-term (just ask the people from Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, etc.). Plus, you don’t want to miss the comical updates from renowned, intergalactic investor and advisor Gorlock who has been hired to write exclusively for

Future of The Universe As Site

I’ve been messing around with this “The Universe As” comic-ish essays stuff for nearly a year now and it hasn’t so far quite developed in a way that satisfies me. Technically, the site is an experiment for a unique, complex, yet palatable kind of book that I’d eventually like to put together on mind and spirituality. But I don’t know about that yet. I’ve come to discover that I’m a reluctant spiritual teacher—especially since everything I have to say is so subversive. Plus, I have a kind of John Galt streak in me whereby I know what I know so I don’t really care if anyone else does. I think that after I get the “Why Love Sucks” series, which started last week, out of my system, I’m going to rethink The Universe As…maybe make it more of a conventional comic with developed characters, setting, and plot. However, I might be forced to divert most of my attention to Dissolving Dollars for the time being. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Dissolving Dollars

Anyway, get my Dissolving Dollars book. And consider that it could make an interesting Christmas present for someone (including yourself). The book is currently only available at Amazon USA and it will at least stay that way until I put out a second edition at an undetermined date in the future. If you buy multiple copies, or something else with the book, to bring the order over $25, you’ll get free shipping inside the United States. And (hint, hint) if you buy the book, it would be kind and cool of you if you gave it an encouraging and positive review on Amazon.

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