Why Love Sucks: Part 1 Introduction

(See Comic)“Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.” William Shakespeare Definitions True Love: the full acceptance and realization of the complete inclusiveness of oneness. False Love: an insane, dualistic tapestry of discriminatory union. When you look at love closely, love sucks. The reason love sucks is because what often passes for love is false love. False love can seem great as long as everything is running smoothly and its underlying motives are kept unconscious. However, false love is dependent on its opposite: hate. Consequently, hate inevitably boils up to cause problems when dealing with false love. In the following series we will pick apart false love in its many forms (parental love, romantic love, love of country) to reveal why it sucks. And by picking apart false love, we’ll build a better idea of what true love entails. False love is a tiny sanctuary in a giant sea of hate. Parental Insanity