The Truth About Jesus (Y’shua)

Based on the Jesus found in A Course in Miracles

(See Comic) The story and message of Jesus have been highly manipulated over the last two thousand years. Some of this manipulation has been intentional and some is the result of plain old ignorance. Jesus was an ascended master who came to realize the truth about this world. The truth he discovered was radical. This truth was way more radical than what one can find in conventional Christianity. Although this truth can be pulled from certain things Jesus said that have been somewhat accurately preserved (like the story of the prodigal son), it is nonetheless something that requires the proper eyes to see and ears to hear in order to understand it. In this comic we will look at some facts about the real Jesus in order to get a glimpse of the truth he discovered. Jesus wasn’t named Jesus. His name was Y’shua. And also, his last name wasn’t Christ. Christ is the collective mind. And Y’shua was identified with the collective mind where we are all one with God. Y’shua was married to Mary Magdalene. She wasn’t a prostitute. But, unlike in The da Vinci Code, they had no children. The best clue that Y’shua and Mary Magdalene were married comes from the fact that Mary Magdalene was allowed to visit his tomb after his death. Y’shua was actually the son of God. But you are too. As well as everyone else. The only difference is that Y’shua was able to actually experientially realize it two thousand years ago. He was able to heal in himself the sense of separation from God that keeps the son of God dreaming the universe of duality and separation. You’ll be able to achieve what Y’shua achieved too sooner or later. Just realize that you do not have but one life to live; you have as many as it takes to wake up. Y’shua actually did heal people. He healed people by joining with them on the level of the mind. Y’shua realized that the world was basically a dualistic dream based on the idea of separation from God, who is oneness. And so Y’shua became in a sense a lucid dreamer. As a lucid dreamer he was able to join on the level of mind with other willing dream characters. By healing certain beliefs in people’s minds (namely the belief in separation from God) he was able to heal their illnesses. Just realize that there is no such thing as a sick body, only a sick mind. Body is effect. Mind is cause. Y’shua didn’t suffer when he was crucified. He had a healed mind and thus a guiltless mind. And so suffering for him was impossible. That is why he didn’t fight his death. He already knew he wasn’t really a destructible body. Y’shua was not a sacrificial victim for the sins of man as many people have come to believe by listening to clueless people throughout history who have wanted sin to be real and people guilty. Y’shua knew there is no such thing as sin because this world is untrue; it is merely an insane, unreal dream of separation from God. That knowledge is what allowed Y’shua to forgive those who destroyed his body; they were just dream characters seemingly split off from the same one dreaming mind that he was fully identified with; none of it had any consequence on the truth. Those who killed Y’shua will come around to the same healing he experienced eventually. Y’shua really did temporarily rise from the dead and reanimate his body. But it was merely to demonstrate that the body is not what lives; it is the mind that lives. And Y’shua lives to the day in our collective mind and is always happy to help us if we are simply willing to join with him on the level of the mind, which is the level of cause. And one more thing worth mentioning: Y’shua had a really good sense of humor. Coming Next: How to tell if you are enlightened