Understanding the Hyperreal World

(See Comic) Hyperreal is a term in postmodern philosophy. The late French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (pronounced bo-dree-yar) explored the concept of hyperreality extensively in his writings. Hyperreality is the simulation of something that never really existed. Hyperreality is a fabricated reality that becomes seemingly more real than the reality it was originally supposed to represent. The contemporary world is inundated with the hyperreal. Here are some examples of hyperreality to help you spot it when you see it: Hyperreal Cities Las Vegas las vegas shows I liked New York New York a lot better than New York? It was a lot cleaner and smelled better. The Hyperreal Gangster I like to pretend that being a brain dead, blood sucking, territorial, gun toting, sociopathic sleaze bag who speaks in alienating colloquialisms, and ends up spending life in jail, or dead, is cool and glamorous. The Hyperreal Bible I like to pretend I’m a real book and not a disperse collection of writings edited out from a much larger collection of writings and then translated into different languages and packaged as the word of God. There is no original Bible. Omitted, the Gospel of St. Thomas. Hyperreal Smells and Flavors Yankee Candle New House Smell Remember what our house smelled like when it was new? No. Well, this is it. Gatorade New Dingle Berry Surprise Flavor It’s Dingleicious delicious Hyperreal History disney vacation Welcome to Walt Disney World Presents the Hall of Presidents This is where all the dead presidents live Timmy orlando vacation. The Hyperreal College Student The girls here aren’t as hot as in the movies. But when I put on my John "Bluto" Blutarsky beer goggles, it is easier to pretend they are. disney vacation club Hyperreal Money I used to represent 1/20th an ounce of gold. Now all I represent is debt. Although sometimes I exist as paper, I mostly just exist as bookkeeping entries. And without debt, I wouldn’t exist at all.