The Humor Code: The Secret to being Funny

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(See Comic) Do you know how to make someone laugh? All you have to do is make a person say yes and no simultaneously in their head. A simultaneous yes and no causes a kind of inner tension that is released through laughter. To better understand what that means, let’s examine a common joke. Joke: What’s long and pink and drags on the bottom of the ocean? Moby’s Dick This joke provides a number of simultaneous yes’s and no’s. “Yes,” Moby Dick is the name of a book involving a whale named Moby-Dick. And “yes,” one might imagine a big whale having something long and pink that drags on the bottom of the ocean. But at the same time, “no,” the correct name of the book isn’t Moby’s Dick. And “no,” whales really don’t have long pink things. And another “no,” you aren’t really supposed to talk about long pink things; it’s a bit taboo. So, when you add all those yes’s and no’s together, you get a kind of inner tension that equals funny. Enlargement People with a poor sense of humor simply fail to hold the yes/no contradictions required for laughter. This happens primarily due to one of three reasons. college humor One: the person is too dumb or inattentive to get the joke, resulting in, Yes + Yes or No + No = So What? Two: the person is too uptight to accept the joke, resulting in, No + No = Offended. Three: the person doesn’t respect the person telling the joke enough, resulting in, No + No = Shut Up. Respect plays a big role in humor. The more you respect a person, the more you are prone to accepting a yes/no from that person. And so, having a reputation for humor goes a long way for making a person seem funny. Have you ever noticed how it is easier for men to be funny than women? Well that is because there is more of a respect bias women need to overcome than men. Ultimately, the universe may amount to nothing more than a big joke. However, for as long as we refuse to laugh away the contradiction, we make the joke seemingly real and thus take it seriously. However, if we can just learn to laugh away the inherent contradiction of the world then it will likely fade away into the nothingness it always was. And we’ll have fun doing it too. Perhaps humor is the greatest virtue.