Are You A Herd Follower or Leader?

(See Comic) Lead , Don’t Follow If you have a strong mind and are able to think for yourself, you don't need herds. Unfortunately though (or fortunately if you like to exploit people's weaknesses), most people have fairly weak minds. Consequently, instead of using their own minds, people tend to think with herds. Perpetual Debt Machine Federal Reserve Inflation The Federal Reserve (FED) is the unconstitutional, quasi-governmental private organization that is responsible for managing the supply of money and credit in the United States. The FED is theoretically supposed to keep prices and the economy steady by setting interest rates, and by buying and selling bonds. Consequently, if there is inflation, the Federal Reserve isn’t doing its job. Because, after all, if there is inflation, the FED is actually causing it, since they manage money supply. Why doesn’t the FED do its job? The simple answer is that, inflation is a hidden tax. Instead of directly raising taxes to spend copious amounts of money on things like, big government, pointless wars, corporate bailouts, and government goodies, the government instead goes into debt. And by going into debt, that increases the money supply. in the Federal Reserve System, money is made from debt. And since money is no longer backed by a hard asset like gold, there is no limit to money supply growth. The more debt, the more money. As debt increases, more money is needed to pay off that debt, and so interest rates are lowered and the money supply is increased by making more debt. It is an explosive feedback loop. In a real, free-market economy, excesses (malinvestments) would be wiped out automatically. But in a managed economy, excesses are able to be maintained by making more excesses, which leads to a perpetual growth, perpetual debt economy. The growth feeds the debt and the debt feeds the growth. The Real Environmental Problem Since the current economy is dependent on perpetual debt and perpetual growth, it must perpetually consume resources to stay alive. In other words, it is unsustainable. Environmentalism is a losing battle until there are fundamental changes into the nature of the economy. Debt begets debt. Growth begets growth. Thus, the economy is like an ouroboros: a serpent consuming its own tail. bankruptcy law Unsustainable Consumption Coming Next: Part 3 Seeing Through Government Deception top of The New York Times bestsellers list. Get Rich Remember Beanie Babies? The market sure fell out the bottom of those things (after the herd leader foolishly announced plans to end production of them). Oddly enough, the Beanie Baby collapse coincided almost directly with the popping of the internet bubble on Wall Street. While the average guy was talking about the high flying tech stocks he just bought, the smart money, like Warren Buffett, was starting to accumulate silver. In other words, while the was indulging in the manic stages of a trend at its end, the leaders were selling and getting started on the next trend. The 3 Stages Oblivious: At the beginning, no one is thinking or even knows about what trend will lead the next. Wall of Worry: At the start of the new , people are reluctant to join the herd since it isn’t yet very big. A lot of people jump in and out of the herd erratically, or sit on the sidelines and wait. The old herd still seems safer; people still hope the old trend they followed before will be reborn. Mania: At this stage, people go crazy. The grows exponentially. People are worried that if they don’t join the they will miss out on something big. During this stage, you often hear people say it is a new era and the old rules of history no longer apply. Inevitably though, the gets so big that it stops growing. Once it stops growing, people start leaving the and the process is repeated by forming a around a new trend. hoot the owl was $90 now $4 Tulip Bulbs Beliefs If a hundred people believe it, it’s a cult. If a thousand people believe it, it’s a philosophy. If a million people believe it, it’s a religion. If a billion people believe it, it must be the truth. Cool or Trendy? Truly cool people are often also truly smart people. Thus, cool people know that to follow trends is inherently dorky and mindless; they know that substance is timeless, while style is fleeting. What is supposedly cool today will be tragically lame in due time. People with substance don’t need trends; they think for themselves, instead of following the robotic. Style is a product to cover lack of substance, and thus lack of self-thinking. There are trends in vocabulary, trends in politics, trends in music, trends in investment, trends in fashion, trends in religion, just trends, trends, trends everywhere. Style rules, substance drools. The end result is a very superficial society wrought with unnecessary problems due to its lack of substance--and the same problems appear in the individual lives of the people (robots) that make up that society. Seek Substance not Style If you follow herds, it is likely you don’t authentically seek substance. You may accidentally stumble upon substance from time to time, but without a will of your own, you will simply be sold style. At best, style will give you a temporary high. At worst, it will make you a shallow addict (style abuser) and thus a perfect, mindless consumer. Conclusion Think for yourself by learning how to think. The trend is not your friend unless you lead it. In closing, Consider these words by Charles Mackay, author of the classic book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds: " Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Quote