The Mechanics of Reincarnation

(See Comic) Be careful what you hate, you just might become it. One place Western Religion and scientific materialism come together is that they both dismiss the idea of reincarnation. Western Religion dismisses reincarnation because it takes a sense of urgency to keep those pews filled. And scientific materialism dismisses reincarnation because if people reincarnate that means they aren’t really bodies (material). Ethnicity, creed, skin color, gender, etc. are all meaningless and transitory when one considers the idea of reincarnation. It could very well be that a black man today was in a past life a KKK member. Or a white woman today was a black slave. Or a fundamentalist Christian was a fundamentalist materialist. And so on. So unless you are completely sure reincarnation isn’t how things work, be careful what you hate, you just might become it. I Hate Earthlings I Hate White People I Hate Gays I Hate Women…they’re icky…but I love Britney I Hate Men I Hate Muslims I Hate Christians I Hate Atheists I Hate Mystics. How could anybody believe in reincarnation? I Hate Haters I’ve Had Enough! I Forgive! The End of Reincarnation