De-Roboticize Yourself Part 7: Higher Circuits

(See Comic)The higher circuits allow a person to become ever less robotic and ever less limited by the body. Wilson and Leary presented a much more materialistic and evolutionary view of these circuits than I am going to here. To me the way Wilson/Leary sorted out the higher circuits hierarchically as Neurosomatic, Neurogenetic, Metaprogramming, Neuroatomic is a superfluous approximation. Really the higher circuits are more like alternate imprints for the lower circuits that aren’t about evolution in as much as they are ultimately about rendering the body unnecessary. In other words, the higher circuits are about decisions made purely on the level of mind that clean the unconscious part of the mind to such a degree that there is ultimately no more need for a body of any kind (or a universe for that matter). Since most people don’t have much higher circuit experience, less is known about higher circuits than lower circuits. Some physical characteristics a person may expect to find in people utilizing higher circuits are things like perhaps graceful aging, infrequent illness, the ability to see things like auras, maybe heal people, psychic abilities, and the ability to bring higher circuit truths down to levels of lower circuit understanding. The drug that begins to give people glimpses of higher circuits is Cannabis. And various psychedelic drugs give more intense glimpses of higher circuits. Awakening higher circuits often comes with a period of time known as “The Dark Night of the Soul.” This is often an uncomfortable period of time. It is uncomfortable because the person’s world is starting to be flipped right side up (it was upside down before). It often seems like things are being taken away, but what is really happening is that the person is beginning to recognize the unreality of the things he once thought he valued. This period of time could be described as the ego’s temper tantrum. The ego is the thing that simply wants to keep you a predictable robot dominated by lower circuits and constantly looking for happiness externally where it will never really be found. Most people let their ego’s temper tantrums scare them back into normal roboticism, but for people who get through the initial darkness, a whole new mentality takes over. This mentality helps to awaken alternate imprints in the lower circuits. Alternate Imprints with Higher Circuits Bio-Survival: Instead of a safe or unsafe imprint, you replace it with an invulnerable imprint. That is because you now realize you are ultimately immortal and merely walking through a dream and always accompanied by (fill in your favorite supernatural entity: like the Holy Spirit, Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Jesus, etc.) Emotional Territorial: Instead of a strong or weak imprint, you replace it with an equality imprint. That is because you now realize bodies are simply dream figures and that everyone is really the same one mind. Semantic: Instead of an infophile or infophobe imprint, you replace it with a disbelief imprint. That is because you now realize not to make illusions real to yourself by believing in them. The only thing true about an illusion is that it is untrue. Socio-Sexual: Instead of a normal or deviant imprint, you replace it with an indiscriminate spirit (mind) imprint. That is because you now realize that only minds can really join, not bodies. It is like flipping the drive behind sex right side up and applying it to mind instead of bodies. The orgasmic qualities are the same, but unlimited since mind is unlimited. Ultimately, a perpetual orgasm of oneness with God (all mind) is the result. Overall, what you are doing by utilizing higher circuits is dissolving duality. Whereby you had a split mind before that was dominated by unconsciousness, you now have a whole mind. There are many techniques for awakening higher circuits, like certain kinds of yoga. However, there is one technique especially worth looking at. That will be covered next.