What is Ego Anyway? Part 4 Forgiveness: The Ego’s Kryptonite

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(See Comic) If you want to free yourself from the tyranny of your ego, then there is one major thing you need to learn how to do and learn how to do right. That thing is forgive. But before you can forgive, you need to know what forgiveness means. The ego has its own idea of forgiveness, which is really fake forgiveness. Fake forgiveness is food for the ego, not its kryptonite. And so, to understand true forgiveness you must first be able to differentiate it from fake forgiveness. The two illustrations bellow will show you the difference in thinking behind fake versus true forgiveness. Fake Forgiveness: Fake Forgiver Fake Forgivee I forgive you. You were wrong, but since I'm such a nice gal I'll only punish you with guilt. What you did was real. What I did was real. She supposedly forgave me, but I still feel guilty. Belief in separation. True forgiver. True Forgivee. We are innocent. I dreamt you up so I could project my own guilt into you and stay lost in insane dreams. Enough of that. I really am innocent. She forgave herself by forgiving me. Now I see her innocence in turn. What she thought I did wasn't real. This is but a dream. The idea of separation isn't true. If you see others as guilty, you see yourself as guilty. It is as simple as that. And as long as you see yourself as guilty, you will simply project that guilt. And so, the ego will be your guide and you'll just stay stuck in the dream of separation from oneness called the universe. True forgiveness washes away guilt and awakens the dreamer. Which is another way of saying that it undoes the ego. But it takes a real shift in thinking to weaken the ego enough to really start chipping away at its control. The ability to truly forgive is the ultimate form of strength for a dreamer. but you need to build the discipline to practice it without compromise if you are to fully awaken. Deeply sleeping beginning to awaken Gaining Control of Your Own Mind.