Evolution’s for Suckers & Creationism Just Plain Sucks

Where did humans come from? There is a lot of evidence for humans emerging through evolution on earth. However, evidence isn’t proof. And if all you have is evidence there are always going to be missing links as standards are raised. A new, unexpected piece of evidence can mean rewriting a whole story. Something like human’s sharing common ancestry with chimps is a good story based on the current evidence. But it doesn’t mean we have all the evidence. Even tough science is usually an extremely reasonable venture that knows its limits, regular people tend to turn it into dogma, just like they turn religion into dogma. The most common use of evolution to explain the history of humans is to say humans evolved from simpler creatures here on earth for no other reason than survival. In this comic we’ll glance at some alternatives that would shake up the current mainstream thinking if new evidence was uncovered. paternity tests

(See Comic) Darwinian Evolution Although evolution is currently the most popular model of human origins, the missing link is still missing, evolution still doesn't explain how life started to begin with, and there isn't enough knowledge about DNA to really know that something like the similarity between chimp DNA and human DNA is absolutely due to ancestry. Ultimately, evolution could just end up being the equivalent of a clever scientific formula for making Rudyard Kipling-like "Just So" stories. Meaning, just because evolution makes a lot of aesthetic sense based on current limited evidence doesn't mean it will end up being the complete truth. dna sequencing Intelligent Design and Creationism The main problem with the thinking behind intelligent design and creationism is that it is warped by a religious goal of having God responsible for the universe. If logic was really the prime motivation of intelligent design and creationism proponents then they would have long ago realized that any creator of this universe must be some sort of sick sadistic bastard. Trying to say god is loving and at the same time responsible for this universe is logically a hard swallow. paternity tests A more logical approach would be to swap the word intelligent with sadistic to get sadistic design. paternity tests dna sequencing There is a lot of evidence for sadistic design. Sadistic Design God is either a sick bastard or the god who made this universe is a false god. True God (God of oneness) False God (God of duality) Miscreation (Duality extrapolated. Dreaming up a false world.) The universe dna synthesis Bodies (A means of experiencing duality, multiplicity, and separation from God. Pleasure only known through pain.) dna sequencing Sadistic Design paints a picture of a world opposite to the oneness of heaven. In the sadistic design model, God didn’t make this dualistic world so it isn’t real and is instead more like a crazy nightmare that will eventually fade once the dreamer reawakens. Sadistic design is the most inclusive model of human origins because it allows aspects of design, but it also allows aspects that are congruent with evolution, such as the sadistic concept of survival of the fittest. But sadistic design is more than most people can handle at the present time. Sadistic design has a lot of implications that go very deep and challenge both scientific and religious worldviews. (Note: an entire comic will eventually be devoted to sadistic design.) dna sequencing Panspermia: Space debris laced with life. Panspermia suggests that maybe the origin of life on earth was extraterrestrial. It also suggests that maybe earth was intentionally seeded with life by an advanced alien civilization. Perhaps seeding earth with life was a means of terraforming it to eventually accommodate more advanced creatures. Nonetheless, even if true, it still doesn’t answer how life started to begin with. Alien Migration: Elaborating on the panspermia idea, perhaps humans migrated to earth as a small group of desperate aliens fleeing a destroyed planet. And perhaps the similarity between chimp DNA and human DNA is simply because humanoid creatures always have similar DNA. Kind of like water is water wherever you go in the universe, maybe humanoid DNA is humanoid DNA wherever you go. Alien Hybrids: Maybe the similarity between chimp DNA and human DNA is due to aliens crossbreeding with chimps to make humanoid creatures suitable to the atmosphere, gravity, foods, and the various climates of earth. Stoned Apes: Maybe, as the late psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna hypothesized, psychedelic mushrooms became part of the diet of apes living on the African savanna. And maybe those mushrooms induced a leap in intelligence that led to the formation of humans. Furthermore, maybe those mushrooms were planted by aliens wanting to make an alien chimp hybrid. Bottom Line: Despite claims to the contrary, the mystery of human origins is still very much a mystery. There is a lot of room in between the standard evolution versus creationism debate for alternate theories of human origins. And so, if people think things like intelligent design should be taught in schools then we also need to teach sadistic design, panspermia, alien hybrids, and stoned apes.