Are You Enlightened? It’s Very Doubtful

(See Comic) How to tell if you are enlightened. Different people have different ideas about what enlightened means. But, here let us consider that to be enlightened means you have a completely healed mind. Which, said another way, means you have a completely guiltless mind. And a guiltless mind cannot suffer. Thus, the guiltless mind would be just as immune to the pain of sticks and stones as would be to words. The so-called problems of this world are only problems because they facilitate pain and suffering. Whether you have a broken leg or a broken heart, the pain comes from the same place; it comes from a mind that carries guilt and thus punishes itself through pain and suffering. Think of something from your past that you call a mistake. Or think of someone who you feel hurt you. Just keep on thinking until you find something that brings up painful feelings. Then ask yourself “why does this hurt?” It hurts because you called it real. And since you called it real, you never forgave it. To call something real and then pardon it is what the world tries to call forgiveness, but that is not forgiveness. To forgive is to recognize the unreality of something. It is not good enough to simply forget something you made real, because you never really forget anything. What you need to do is forgive. Those who choose to believe in nightmares and call them real are as sure to suffer as those who awaken from nightmares are sure to find peace. Now, pinch yourself a little. Does it hurt? Would it hurt if you drove a stake through your wrist? So called physical pain comes from the same place as so called mental pain. Just as thoughts of the past that you call real facilitate pain, beliefs in the reality of the body also facilitate pain. To believe in the body is to believe you are a body. And if you are a body then you are vulnerable because as we all know, bodies are quite precarious. Pain keeps the body real just as pain keeps thoughts of the past real. To recognize the unreality of the body is to truly forgive it. Then, the body is no longer used as a source of pain. This means that an enlightened person with a healed mind could die from a vicious case of cancer yet never feel any pain. And without the pain a thing like cancer is meaningless. All bodies pass in due time because bodies aren’t ever really alive. And furthermore, the seeming loss that comes from the death of a body means nothing unless you believe people are bodies and nothing more. So, the point is, do you suffer? Do you feel pain? If you do, join the club. But if you want to join the enlightenment club, then there is work to do. The principle tool for attaining enlightenment is forgiveness. Learn to forgive without compromise and you will awaken from this dream called the universe.