De-Roboticize Yourself Part 3: Emotional-Territorial

This is the mammalian (marauding ape) circuit. Its mission is to establish the hierarchy of power; it marks and protects territory (both physical space and head space). This circuit is imprinted as a toddler. The imprint either gives a person a sense of strength or a sense of weakness (dominance or submission). People highly dominated by the emotional territorial circuit tend to have imposing bodies. Their emotional territorial audaciousness makes them extra preoccupied with physical protection and control. These people are more prone to do things like lift weights a lot and carry guns. The typical hot head, Macho Dick Brain man and Psycho Bitch woman (queen of hearts) summarize the type of person heavily dominated by the emotional territorial circuit. In the current world, most humans don’t develop much beyond the emotional territorial circuit. Consequently, most people’s lives and views of reality are dominated by emotional territorialism. And until cultures stop idolizing patriarchal, self aggrandizing, apelike marauding, that is how it will stay. The prevalence of emotional territorialism is a major reason why there is perpetual war--both on an international level and in people’s private lives. Life on the emotional territorial circuit is a constant competition (war). Compete for resources (money) make money. Compete for control (power). And compete for mates (sex). The Emotional Territorial Circuit could in many ways be called the war circuit. It is the me versus you, us versus them circuit. And in people dominated by this circuit, the third and fourth circuits are pulled down to the emotional territorial level. For instance, the use of scatological imagery through words like shit and piss is a byproduct of bringing the third (semantic) circuit down to the level of the Emotional Territorial circuit. (The Emotional Territorial Circuit gets off on expressing negative emotions.) People controlled by the emotional territorial circuit tend to flock to things they feel represent strength. They are into things like patriotism, fitting in, toughness, and team loyalty. Exploiting the second circuit to win influence over people is relatively easy, especially if you are a natural. You just have to do things like reduce your linguistic aptitude to ape like grunting and simplistic colloquialisms. And you also want to do things like scare people and then tell them you can protect them. You won’t be doing humanity any good by doing such things, but you will at least be reaping the simplistic rewards of a top ape. Exercising this circuit: If, like most people, this circuit is plenty strong in you, then you don’t need to exercise it since you do that all the time. Instead you most likely need to weaken it and make it more malleable. Probably the most important thing you can do to weaken emotional territorialism is practice forgiveness. flexible circuit design, circuit design integrated, city circuit, flexible circuit, make money Furthermore, try to do things like watch sports and follow politics without taking sides. If you tend to be a follower, try leading. If you tend to be a leader, stand back and try following. That kind of purposeful effort will weaken the domination of this circuit so you can work on higher circuits. (Note: most spiritually oriented self-improvement methods deal with weakening emotional territorialism. That is usually the first step in becoming a more advanced human.) Emotional Territorial Circuit (Anal) Main Concern: Am I Stronger or Weaker than this person? Imprinting: Imprinted as a toddler. Imprint: Strength (dominance) or Weakness (submission)? Drugs that emphasize this circuit: Alcohol