What is Ego Anyway? Part 5 Gaining Control of Your Own Mind

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(See Comic) How much do you remember about yesterday, two days ago, a year ago, three years ago, ten years ago? Probably not too much. Even your memory of yesterday is probably dominated by gaps. In general, the times you remember were the times in which you were psychologically awake. The times you forget were the times in which you were psychologically asleep. So think about that. And then consider how often you are psychologically awake and how often are you psychologically asleep. Scary isn’t it? The problem with living life psychologically asleep is that you leave yourself very vulnerable to what could be described as ego sabotage. Ego is built on the idea of separation from God (oneness) and maintained by guilt. Guilt demands punishment. If you are walking (or driving) around psychologically asleep then your ego can easily get you to do things subconsciously. And that means your ego can get you to punish yourself and others subconsciously, because playing out that belief is what keeps your ego alive in you. The punishment could be as simple as snubbing a person, or a fender bender, or spending an hour mindlessly thinking about depressing things, or stubbing your toe through careless walking. Or, it could be as extreme as murdering someone in a fit of rage, or driving your car off a cliff and taking a few people out with you. But regardless of the form, the content behind all such things is the same: a belief in guilt and thus a belief in punishment administered by your ego when you give it the opportunity. The cure for guilt and thus ego is forgiveness. But to be able to forgive you can’t be psychologically asleep, otherwise you’ll never remember to do it. It is just like awakening from a dream. It is a lot easier to awaken from a dream once you’ve stopped identifying with it and stepped back from it and realized it is a dream. And it is the same with the ego and its dream. You have to stop identifying yourself as your ego, which is simply a dream figure. But to do that takes awareness. When you can step back and be aware, you are starting to identify with your true self instead of the ego. Because your true self is the thing you become when you are psychologically awake. Forgiveness is ultimately a disbelief in the illusion of separation (disbelief in dreams). And if you steadily forgive the unreality of your guilt, you won’t be as vulnerable to ego sabotage because you won’t be under as much ego mind control and harboring as much guilt. And when the ego does manage to strike, that is just an opportunity to use the ego against itself by forgiving the incident. So, today, right now, wake up. Become aware of your thoughts--instead of simply identifying with them. And start monitoring how often you are able to remember what you were just doing. If you can get awareness going, it builds on itself. That way you can step back from your ego more and more until it dissolves back into the nothingness from which it came. It takes time and vigilance though. Psychologically Asleep I am this thought. I’m a vulnerable body. Psychologically Awake I’m not this thought. Nor am I even this thought. True Self True Self versus Ego