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How to be a Ghost

(See Comic) "People are like ghosts, except on a seemingly different level. They think their bodies are alive, but they're not. They just see what they want to see (Gary Renard Disappearance of the universe 160)." You already know how to be a ghost. You are one right now and you've been one for a long time. Ghosts and people are two sides of the same illusory coin. People (like ghosts) simply see what they want to see. And that limitation, which is self-imposed on sight (albeit on an unconscious level), is what keeps people asleep and dreaming an impossible world of duality and death (separation). The journey from human to ghost and then to human again is part of the cycle of psychic sleep. Someday, this body you are projecting right now to limit your sight will expire and you will, for a time, enter a different part of the sleep cycle: you'll become a ghost. Becoming a ghost will be an attempt to hold on a little while longer to the particular manifestation of self that is linked to your present body. But you'll soon become annoyed enough over being ignored and disregarded by the physical world that you'll want to give up your old lingering bodily sense of self and move on to projecting growth into a new body. The new body you reincarnate into will be a predetermined destination that interlocks with relationships with other people (fragmented minds) that you've lived alongside before, but this time it will be in a different arrangement of bodies (and the roles of victims and victimizers will likely be subverted). The only way to escape the cycle will be to heal your mind of the unconscious beliefs that keep you wanting to limit your sight and trapped in a dualistic dreamland. The only point then to the dream filled cycle of sleep is to use all the situations and relationships you are given to practice true forgiveness. True forgiveness is a rejection of separation whereby you recognize the unreality of separation and instead recognize the reality of oneness. Hence forgiveness is the tool for awakening and thus expanding sight. Dead people " think they're alive. They just see what they want to see (The Sixth Sense)." Dead people " think they're alive. They just see what they want to see (The Sixth Sense)." A Course in miracles

How to Become a CEO (or even President of The United States)

(See Comic)Eight Simple Steps It isn’t what you know, it is who you know. So, you want to be friendly and likable. You want to spend time doing social things like having drinks with people instead of things like reading books. I feel your pain Your high position in life already exists. You might already have connections or might have to make connections. Either way, those connections will direct you to your position. You certainly aren’t going to build your high position for yourself by starting your own successful company. You aren’t smart enough or a hard enough worker for that.Getting to your position means climbing a ladder. Go with the flow. Don’t rock the boat. You want people to see you as an ally, not a threat. Here is where the fact that you don’t have a single original thought in your head will be very helpful.As you climb higher in rank, get rid of subordinates that threaten you with their superior competence.Eventually you’ll become assistant to the existing CEO. The existing CEO made his way to the top the same way as you. And he likes you because you are likable yet dumber than him--just as he was likable yet dumber than the CEO he replaced. The time will come for the board of directors to vote in the new CEO. The board is fairly detached from the company’s success. They just want a guy in command that will pay them well. They won’t ever call you on your incompetence as long as you treat them well. They are themselves where they are because they know how to go with the flow—even when it’s down the drain. King Idiot board of idiots shareholders So finally, you are the CEO. And due to the way you got there, you are now king idiot of a hierarchy of idiots that is progressively more idiotic than the previous hierarchy of idiots. The company was originally built by competent people. But each change in leadership means a progressively more incompetent organization. Without a resurgence of competence coming from some outside influence, the organization is on its way to its demise.Oh the Insanity! So, as long as you allow yourself to be unimpeded by any dissenting competence, you can now proceed to run the company into the ground. It will be fun because while the company collapses you’ll be flying around doing things like playing expensive rounds of golf.Business, make money This guide is based in part on the observations of American billionaire financier, corporate raider, and private equity investor Carl Icahn