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Postcards from Bone Valley: Great Model Railroads 2017

Note that you can see the acrylic glass reflecting the camera in this picture, giving a sense of what the layout is like live in person

Note that you can see the acrylic glass reflecting the camera in this picture, giving a sense of what the layout is like live in person.

I got to see a copy of Great Model Railroads 2017…since my small N scale Bone Valley layout is featured on page 52. Unfortunately, my layout only got four pages in the issue. That resulted in a trimmed up article and a measly three layout photos included in the article (two of which are redundant). So, I’m posting some stuff that wasn’t shown in the article here. There were also a few errors to the article added by the editor. One thing is that it said Atlas is releasing the U36B in N scale; I have not heard anything about that, only HO. As you can see from this layout plan that I made when I wrote the article back in the beginning of 2015 (which at the time I didn’t intend to be in Great Model Railroads), there were a whole lot more pictures (A thru L) that could have been included than just three. Anyway, as the maker and owner of my layout, the photo-scarce article doesn’t quite do it justice. But this is just step one in what is to be a bigger layout, so there will be more in the future.

n-layout 4x7 Bone Valley

Agricola Spur Photos 1990

Ken Goslett shared some more Bone Valley photos. The first three are of the smash board protected diamond where the Agrico and South Pierce Railroad used to cross the Agricola Spur between Bradley and Agricola. In the first diamond photo, the trainman has already turned and locked the north smash board to block the opposing route.  In the second photo, he is turning the other smash board and preparing to lock it.  In the third photos, with both boards protecting his movement, the train is crossing the diamond and he is climbing on board. Then the final two photos are of the Estech phosphate plant at Agricola, which was in its final days in 1990.

Agricola Spur Diamond Agricola Spur Diamond Agricola Spur Diamond Chessie Estech Agricola 1990 Goslett Estech Agricola 1990 Goslett

Bone Valley Photos in 1990

I got in contact with photographer Ken Goslett who took a number of great Bone Valley photos in 1990. He was kind enough to agree to scan some to share on this website. These are the first pictures he sent. The picture of the tower at Agrock is a piece of information I’ve long wanted for potential modeling purposes, since I’d never seen anything showing what it looked like in 1990. The other picture is right across the road from Agrock at Payne Creek.

Agrock 1990 Tower Office

Agrock FL  1990

6 Ways to Use a Digital Craft Cutter for your Layout

“6 Ways to Use a Digital Craft Cutter for your Layout” is the title of an article I wrote for Model Railroader Magazine; it is in the June 2014 issue. It’s a nice little article so check it out.

However, since the nature of magazines means limited space, the printed version of my article is an edited, paraphrased version of the original article I submitted. And as often happens when things are edited, the information becomes distorted a bit. That happened with this article. Consequently,  I wanted to post here are a few minor clarifications I would have made if I had been consulted prior to publication:

1. I own an older model cutter equivalent to a Silhouette Portrait, but a bit different. 2. The description of the picture of the Washingtonia and sabal palm flipped around which tree is which and calls the Washingtonia palm just a Washington without the “ia” at the end. 3. I wouldn’t venture into any complex cuts smaller than a half an inch only when cutting decal trim film; with other materials (like vinyl) smaller than half an inch is no problem. 4. A more detailed description of the title photo is that it is a picture of loaded dry rock phosphate hoppers crossing the Palm River Bridge in Tampa, FL headed to Rockport Yard on a rainy morning.