Monthly Archives: December 2012

U15 Artwork

As I do decaling for my own models, I plan on posting artwork for the main paint schemes of each car. Here is a guide for the U15 artwork. ACL and SCL are white lettering on black. The CSX version comes in either tan with black lettering or black with yellow lettering. I only included the lettering of which I was able to find legible examples.

u15 art ACL SCL CSX

Here is a PDF to see the art in more detail. U15 Vector Art

Here is a printable Black and White PDF scaled for N scale 1:160. You can print these out on some decal paper using a laser printer and scale them to any size without losing definition. U15 Vector Decals

And here is an Adobe Illustrator file that can be edited. If you don’t have illustrator, you could use the free program InkscapeU15 Vector Decals AI Zip

I’ll add more printable files as I make them.