De-Roboticize Yourself Part 2: Bio-Survival

(See Comic) This is the most basic circuit. It is sometimes called our reptilian brain. Its mission is to get food and stay safe. In mammals that means, cling to mommy (coddle, cuddle). People dominated by the bio-survival circuit tend to have childlike features and often extra weight. This circuit is imprinted during infancy. The imprint either makes the person see the world as safe or unsafe. An extremely bad imprint on this circuit can lead to autism. (Perhaps the recent rise in autism rates is not due to something like vaccines but instead to scaring kids shitless.) As a child, the bio-survival circuit is satisfied primarily by attachment to a mother figure. But as the child grows, the attachment to a mother figure becomes replaced by an attachment to a community (tribe). Historically, as long as a person was integrated and accepted into a community, that person’s bio-survival needs were sufficiently met. In the contemporary world though, the importance of community has been undermined by pure money. Money is the primary means today for assuring bio-survival needs are met. Money issues like going broke are the contemporary equivalent of banishment from a tribe. The result of the threat of such trauma is intense bio-survival anxiety. In animals other than humans, bio-survival anxiety usually only arises in situation of imminent threat. But most humans, with their vivid imaginations and social conditioning, live much of their everyday lives in a state of struggle for survival (detrimentally affecting health). Perhaps that is why Henry David Thoreau observed that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” On a more metaphysical level, the bio-survival circuit is a fractal of our deeper psychological beliefs about our relationship to God. It is interesting to note that a large percentage of people will turn to an entity like God if their bio-survival anxiety is high enough. Consequently, having a belief that you are protected by a loving entity like God, Jesus, your Guardian Angel, good Karma, or whatever, is a very useful way of combating bio-survival anxiety. disaster survival kits, emergency survival kits, bipolar depression, depression treatment, clinical depression, bipolar disorder Bio-Survival Circuit (Oral) Summary Oral Reptilian Brain Main Concern: Is this nurturing or threatening? Imprinting: Imprinted during infancy. Drugs that emphasize this circuit: Opioids like morphine and codeine. Imprint: Advance (Confident) or Retreat (Timid)? Exercising this circuit: Eat some comfort food, lick a lollipop, cuddle, play with a baby often, and play with adults too (at least ones able to handle it).