Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: How to be a Blogger

(See Comic) Text from comic: So You Want To Be A Blogger Do You? Well, this trusty little guide will Show you how to Jump on the bandwagon. Common Physical Features of Good Bloggers The skin of a beautiful silverfish Sun-starved Nearsighted Eyeballs Uncombed Hair last cut 7 months ago Old T-Shirt as thin as bologna skin Never more than 7 fEet away from a device That allows internet Access Supply checklist Computer, Internet connection, crafty domain name, cheap web host, best webhost, axe to grind Optional, Google adsense account, Technocrati account, feedburner account, stumbleupon account Knowledge List Css, rss, keywords, trackbacks, pings, seo, tags, php, traffic statistics , webhost reviewsMonetizing Your Blog Unless you are like most people online, you expect to profit from your web work. Here are some options: Google Adsense, text link ads, donations, Amazon affiliate, linkshare, chatika, reviewme
What should I blog about? Your Smart AsS opinions Changing the world instead of yourself A New Technology Changing Yourself Instead of The world Give PeoplE practical advice What to expect as the fruits of your labors Indifference & Apathy or Thousands of people telling you that you are an unworthy moron. Little to no traffic or huge traffic from people who don’t click on ads and who don’t subscribe. In rare cases, you’ll get widespread support and big profits. What the hell does blog mean anyway? It is short for weblog. And a weblog is just a fancy name for a more interactive and regularly updated website. Quiz for prospective bloggers Check All That Apply Education Some high school, college grad, too good for college, masters or PhD, Clown College Life Situation Anti-Social, Single, married, kids, employed, convicted felon Hobbies/Interests models, sports, comics, pot, cigars, hiking, nudism, dancing, trolling, reading Add up your score, if you scored above 0 (zero) you are ready to blog Types of Bloggers Goody 2 shoes Disgruntled Charlatan Iconoclast Wide Eyed Novice Bored Tyrant Attention Whore