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Stats Glossary:
: rank the pitch has among all qualified pitches in the indicated category; PRk: rank the pitch has among only qualified pitches of the same type (e.g. curveball) in the indicated category; T: arm the ball is thrown with; P or pitch: type of pitch thrown; %: percent of the time that pitch is thrown; count: number of data points for that pitch; R/100: just ignore because I originally screwed up the formula, but it is corrected with a detailed explanation here and in the .csv files; BABIP: batting average when that pitch type is hit into play including home runs; SLGBIP: slugging percentage on balls hit into play; S%: percent of pitches resulting in a strike (anything but a ball) for said pitch; %IZ: percentage of pitch thrown in the strike zone. Con or Con%: contact rate ((fouls + hit into play balls)/(pitches swung at)); Sw%: % swung at; SW%: % of pitches that are result in a swinging strike; B%: % that are balls; CS%: called strike %; F%: % of pitches fouled off; InP%: % hit into play; GO: percent of times groundouts result when that pitch is hit into play; ect., ect. for fly outs (FO), pop outs (PO), line outs (LO), singles (1B), doubles (2B), triples (3B), home runs (HR). Fish: Dan Fox stat, how often the batter swings at the pitch when it's out of the strike zone; BadBall/ConOZ: another Dan Fox stat, percentage of time swings at a ball out of the strike zone make contact, so the lower the better for the pitcher; K/100: number of strikeouts resulting from indicated pitch per 100 pitches thrown by pitcher, adding up all K/100 values for a pitcher would give his K/100 regardless of pitch selection; P/E: average for all pitches; S/E: command indicator, the average distance from the closest strike zone edge for strikes and B/E: average distance from the closest strike zone edge for balls; S/C being from the closest corner; Vs.R: preceding stat against only right-handed batters; Vs.L: preceding stat or stat preceding Vs.R against left-handed batters; ucR/100: R/100 uncorrected for the frequency the pitch is thrown, so the metric theorizes a world where only the indicated pitch is thrown, which of course would take away its effectiveness ucK/100: uncorrected like ucR/100 for strikeouts
Pitch f/x: V0: average speed in mph when pitch is 55 feet from home plate; Vf: speed in mph just before the ball crosses the plate (1.417 feet from plate); time: time it takes the ball to travel 55 feet from home plate to 1.417 feet from the plate; ax: horizontal acceleration in feet per second per second, a pitch accelerating away from a right-handed batter has a positive value; az: vertical acceleration; pfxx: horizontal movement or break in inches, difference in final location between that pitch and if that same pitch was thrown with no spin but same speed, a pitch that breaks into a right-handed batter has a positive pfxx value; pfxz: same as pfxx, but vertically with a negative value meaning downward movement; spin theta: the direction in degrees the balls spin towards with 0 degrees being a ball with no horizontal spin/movement and at least some downward movement and top spin, 180 degrees would be upward movement and bottom spin (bottom spin like a fastball); rpm: average spin rate of ball in revolutions per minute, formula for "rpm" and "spin theta/dir" is available here, dividing # by 60 and multiplying by "time" would give the # of revolutions while the ball is in flight; x0, z0: initial coordinates in feet 55 feet from plate, could be approximated as the release point. NA: means the stat is not applicable for this pitcher's pitch because there's not enough data to calculate it.

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