The Truth About Economics: Part 8 Guarantor of Last Resort

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(See Comic) Monday, March 17th 2008 was setting up as Wall Street's St. Patrick's Day Massacre. Bear Stearns, one of the primary bond dealers with the Federal Reserve, was in trouble. Too many people were pointing out that the emperor wasn’t wearing clothes. And so, there was basically a good old fashion run on the bank going down. But not to worry, the good old Federal Reserve was there to fulfill the role it was designed to fill when it was invented back in 1913. And what exactly is the Federal Reserve's role you ask. Well, it is to maintain an insane, precarious, abstract, debt based, bubbly, monetary system by making the average Joe citizen the guarantor of last resort through taxation and inflation. So, thanks to the brilliance of a system able to clandestinely rob the average citizen, the St. Patrick's Day Massacre of 2008 was avoided. However, below the surface, the average citizen was the one left with the risky mess of greedy corporate incompetence gone bad. And conveniently, big old JP Morgan got all the good stuff left in Bear Stearns for an insane bargain. It's called corporatism. And guess what? There is more of this kind of stuff to come. The $500 trillion derivatives market has only started to deleverage. Until the U.S. housing market stabilizes, watch out for banks. Their money doesn't really exist; it is just debt made through the fractional reserve system. consumer credit card debt, credit card debt