alex marchandHi, my name is Alex. This page will introduce you to The Universe As Comic.

How It Started
In 2007, I decided it was time I got involved in the Blog world. So, I started a blog called, The Universe As. On the blog, I intended to record and share my megalomanic visions concerning such questions as: What is the meaning of life? Where did the Universe come from? And what is sanity? After minor blogging success and months of writing, I began to reminisce about that not so old Art degree I earned. That reminiscing led me to start doodling. And that doodling gave birth to a comic world of bozos (clown people). Throughout 2008, I made and posted my bozo comics focusing on personal development. But, I began to realize that if I really wanted to communicate what I really wanted to communicate I needed to finally break down and just make a book. So, in 2009, I started focusing my efforts on making a graphic novel in order to develop a detailed, coherent message and artistic motif. As of April of 2010, that graphic novel is in its final stages. And as of right now, this site is in a transition period to usher in new content stemming from the upcoming book.

About The Site
On this site, I try to combine pictures and jokes with subjects mostly concerning personal development, metaphysics, and spirituality. The comics are designed to make important information that can sometimes be overly complex and somber into something fun, palatable, and often also irreverent.

Some Subjects Covered

  • Philosophical Inquiries
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Pure Non-dualism
  • Social Commentary

How to Use The Universe As Comic and Site

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