De-Roboticize Yourself Part 1: The 8 Circuit Model of Human Consciousness

This is the introduction to a series of comics that will be done on the Leary/Wilson 8 Circuit Model of Human Consciousness. A good book about this subject is “Prometheus Rising” by Robert Anton Wilson. health insurance, mental health counselor, mental health counseling, mental health insurance,

(See Comic) Have you ever questioned why you are the way you are? Why do you get mad? Why do you get bored? Why do you smoke? Why do you fall in lust? Why do you like what you like? Why? Why? Why? Is it because you make conscious choices to Do those things? Is it because it is just one of those mysteries of life? Well, Ah, For the most part you are the way you are simply because you are a robot. You've been programmed the way you are by accidental imprinting combined with genetic susceptibilities. Not to worry though. If you are ready to stop being a proud robot who makes statements like "That is just the way I am" as justification for your counterproductive mechanicalness then you are ready to explore the 8 circuit model of human consciousness and awaken your higher circuits. The 8 Circuit Model of Human Consciousness was devised by Timothy Leary. health insurance The model was further elaborated upon by Robert Anton Wilson--particularly in the book Prometheus Rising. And in this series of comics I'm going to further elaborate upon it by throwing in some of my own twists. The 8 Circuit model is grounded in ancient wisdom and has been formulated in many ways through history. Variations of the 8 Circuit model exist in Freud, Jung, Gurdjieff, Tarot, the etymology behind the names for the 7 days of the week, and many other places. The 8 circuit model provides a framework for understanding human behavior and modifying it for the better. mental health counselor According to the 8 circuit model, much of human behavior and development is robotically determined through accidental imprinting. Imprinting occurs during key developmental points in a person's life on networks in the brain and nervous system--called Circuits in this model--that interface between mind and body. There are lower (terrestrial) circuits and higher (extraterrestrial) circuits. The lower circuits are mostly robotic and animal like. mental health insurance The higher circuits are mostly non-robotic and spirit like. Most people operate entirely off of the lower, robotic circuits. Thus, to become a master of your own mind, you must awaken and utilize the higher circuits. The higher circuits allow you to reprogram the lower circuits, making them less rigid. Plus, the higher circuits provide access to spiritual dimensions of reality that to normal robotic consciousness seem supernatural. Terrestrial Circuits Bio-Survival Circuit (Oral) Emotional Territorial Circuit (Anal) Semantic Circuit (Reason) Domestic Circuit (Sexual) Extraterrestrial Circuits Neurosomatic Circuit (Mystic) Neurogenetic Circuit (Collective) Metaprogramming Circuit (Self Mastery) Neuroatomic Circuit (Oneness) We will look at each circuit individually starting with the lower (terrestrial) circuits. health insurance, mental health counselor, mental health counseling, mental health insurance In doing so, you'll be able to begin to identify what kind of robot you and your friends are and how to help de-robotize your lower circuits. Then, after that, you'll be shown methods for awakening the higher (extraterrestrial) circuits. Remember that this model is merely a map. It is a tool for navigating your mind by simplifying the terrain to its essential elements.