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How to Become a CEO (or even President of The United States)

(See Comic)Eight Simple Steps It isn’t what you know, it is who you know. So, you want to be friendly and likable. You want to spend time doing social things like having drinks with people instead of things like reading books. I feel your pain Your high position in life already exists. You might already have connections or might have to make connections. Either way, those connections will direct you to your position. You certainly aren’t going to build your high position for yourself by starting your own successful company. You aren’t smart enough or a hard enough worker for that.Getting to your position means climbing a ladder. Go with the flow. Don’t rock the boat. You want people to see you as an ally, not a threat. Here is where the fact that you don’t have a single original thought in your head will be very helpful.As you climb higher in rank, get rid of subordinates that threaten you with their superior competence.Eventually you’ll become assistant to the existing CEO. The existing CEO made his way to the top the same way as you. And he likes you because you are likable yet dumber than him--just as he was likable yet dumber than the CEO he replaced. The time will come for the board of directors to vote in the new CEO. The board is fairly detached from the company’s success. They just want a guy in command that will pay them well. They won’t ever call you on your incompetence as long as you treat them well. They are themselves where they are because they know how to go with the flow—even when it’s down the drain. King Idiot board of idiots shareholders So finally, you are the CEO. And due to the way you got there, you are now king idiot of a hierarchy of idiots that is progressively more idiotic than the previous hierarchy of idiots. The company was originally built by competent people. But each change in leadership means a progressively more incompetent organization. Without a resurgence of competence coming from some outside influence, the organization is on its way to its demise.Oh the Insanity! So, as long as you allow yourself to be unimpeded by any dissenting competence, you can now proceed to run the company into the ground. It will be fun because while the company collapses you’ll be flying around doing things like playing expensive rounds of golf.Business, make money This guide is based in part on the observations of American billionaire financier, corporate raider, and private equity investor Carl Icahn

Finding Freedom in an Unfree World

(See Comic) The world isn’t a free place. You are limited in many ways. Yet, even if the world isn’t a free place, there is a significant difference in freedom for a person who is a normal conditioned robot and a person who has a certain amount of mastery over his or her own mind. There are three basic attitudes people take toward freedom: “The world is Against me” Bitch and moan. With this attitude you create an identity out of being an unfree person. “Let’s revolt” Rally to change the System. With this attitude you set out to try and get other people to conform to your wishes through things like social reform. That is problematic though because as soon as your freedom becomes dependent on what other people do, you have given other people control of your freedom. “I’ll work on myself thank you” Take Personal Responsibility. With this attitude you set out to find freedom through tweaking your own thinking and thus actions. This is the path to maximal freedom. How to Take Personal Responsibility 1 Transcend your cultural programming by increasing your awareness of it. It is eerily amusing how mindlessly identified most people are with their cultural programming. To most people, their cultural programming is the foundation of their identity. They proudly flaunt what brand of robot they were programmed to be (nationality, political party, religion, race, region). But, for the most part, cultural programming is just a whole lot of self defeating nonsense that simply limits people’s freedom by making them tools of a larger system. To help break cultural programming, in everything you do every day you should start asking yourself, “why am I doing this?” For instance, why do you talk like you do, or cook like you do, or get angry about certain things? Is this really the best way, or is it just a programmed habit? A lot of stupid and inefficient stuff goes on in this world simply because people are culturally programmed robots. For example, there would be no wars without groups of culturally programmed robots risking their lives fighting against other culturally programmed robots. 2 Get Smart so you aren’t locked into mindless servitude. The more you know about how things really work, the more you can take personal responsibility and avoid being a pawn. What you don’t know can hurt you and perpetuate hurt. For example, if you don’t know much about how the economy and banking system really work then you’ll have a hard time keeping a hold of all your hard earned money. To get smart you must question everything. And just being logical goes a long way to avoiding being a pawn. For instance, is it logical to give up your own freedom to protect freedom? 3 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your own freedom is linked to how much you respect other people’s freedom. Aggressors are not free people. You learn freedom by teaching freedom. And by teaching freedom more people become free. The more free people, the freer society becomes. 4 Be Yourself It is hard to be yourself if the self you call your self is a culturally programmed imposter. Once you start shedding your programming and get smarter, the true you will emerge evermore. And you’ll have the freedom of mind and self confidence to pursue the things compatible with your true self as opposed to what society tells you that you are supposed to want and do. And you will find that you have interests beyond the lowest common denominator interests of get paid, get loaded, and get laid. In fact, you might become deeply interested in so many things that you forever shed that disease of an atrophied and repressed mind called boredom. Conclusion Free your mind and find freedom. Do not seek to control that which is outside your control. Instead simply step outside the control systems you find limiting to your freedom. And if you can’t step outside a control system, such as certain a government law, it is still probably more conducive to your freedom to follow the law than to get yourself punished by it. Remember, the world isn’t free. Don’t pretend like it is. If government laws don’t drag you down, there are also physical laws, like gravity. You simply want to find as much freedom as you can in this unfree world. And that primarily means freeing your mind. To further explore this subject, you may want to obtain the book “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne. (See below link)