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In the late 1970’s an excellent article on the Los Angeles Junction Ry. appeared in one of the rail magazines. I’m pulling my hair out trying to track down the magazine and date. Memory can play tricks on you, certainly after forty years. However, I don’t think …read more

Threading the Eye of the Needle

In his must-read piece, “11 Lessons Learned” in the April issue of MR, Tony Koester writes “One huge lesson gleaned from even a cursory review of the V&O was to model the ordinary. It’s all too easy to compile a list of eye-catching prototypes to model, and the inevitable …read more

March 13, 2017

A Day of Photography

I had a lazy Sunday available to me yesterday so I decided to spend it puttering around with some photography on the LAJ. Getting a good shot generally takes me the better part of a day. I prefer low angle photos that give the …read more

LAJ 3/5/17

In my last post, I discussed some thoughts on scene composition and, as part of that write-up, the importance of non-descript “framing structures” to surround a focal point structure. On my LAJ railroad, May-Vern Liquor is the focal point of the layout as you enter the room. …read more

Scene Composition

The above scene is the first thing visitors see when walking into the layout room. Let’s walk through how it was composed.

Scene composition, more than any other factor, telegraphs to the eye whether our work is believable or not. It matters more than detail, more than construction neatness, …read more

District Blvd. Feb. 26

The latest work has centered on the crossing signals and light posts along District Blvd.

Standing in District Blvd. facing southwest.

Facing southeast down District Blvd. The crossing signals are Details West, I took the cobra light heads off of Walthers street lights, airbrushed them a light gray and …read more