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Frosted Extreme Detail Coming to Shapeways Soon

FUD Left FXD Right

FUD Left FXD Right

I’ll post more details as they become available. This will likely mean smoother, stronger models.

From Shapeways:

What’s happening? On April 15th we are:

Introducing Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD), with a higher resolution than Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD)
Retiring Frosted Detail (FD); FUD will remain unchanged
Renaming the Detail Plastics materials Acrylic Plastics

What does this mean for you?
If you would like to order your designs in FD, please do so by April 14th to ensure your FD order goes through, as the transition will happen on April 15th. As noted on our Material Status page, we have added 4 days to our expected production time for FD in anticipation of high demand.

Designs that you’ve printed in FD will not go away, and can be ordered in either FUD or FXD. We are updating success rate metrics so successful FD prints from the past will count towards FUD and FXD.

If you have a Shapeways Shop, customers will no longer be able to order your designs in FD after the transition. Products previously available only in FD will no longer be for sale unless you enable another material like FUD or FXD (when it becomes available.) If you have multiple products, the Pricing CSV Wizard makes it easy to update materials and pricing in bulk.

Why are we doing this?
Frosted Extreme Detail has a higher resolution than Frosted Ultra Detail, decreasing the layer height from 29 to 16 microns (the shorter the layer, the higher the resolution). While more expensive to produce, thinner layers means unprecedented detail and surface finish, sharper edges, less stepping, and stronger models. It’s perfect for the most demanding miniatures, figurines, and molds and masters for casting.