Monthly Archives: March 2015

E-Z App Bluetooth Wireless Control

Check out this Bachmann E-Z App video…if you haven’t heard about it. Once this is available with plug-n-play decoders in N scale, I’ll finally leave the old DC train control world behind. For years now, DCC has seemed behind the times to me. So much so that I’ve held off on investing in DCC for my N scale stuff. My set-up isn’t complex enough to justify it. DC has been good enough. But the ease of just using a cell phone to wirelessly control a train will be something I’ll have to have. Plus it has the potential to make operations richer. Like usual, HO is getting it first. I don’t know how long N scale will take. Blue Rail Trains

Yes! B36-7 in N, Seaboard System and CSX

B36-7 Seaboard System N ScaleAtlas is finally putting out the N scale B36-7 in Seaboard System and CSX paint. Now I can model a Seaboard System Juice Train. However, there still aren’t any truly accurate Tropicana Reefers available. But I’m glad to finally see the B36-7. Now Atlas just needs to change one piece on the U23B to make U36B models and I’ll have the main models I’ve long wanted.