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West Florida Rails in Color, Vol 2 = Excellent

I just got West Florida Rails in Color, Vol 2: The Emery Gulash Color Photography of SCL Seaboard System 1970-1987 by Jerry Pinkepank. At first I was initially a bit disappointed to see very limited Bone Valley action in the book, but then I read in the book that volume 3 will be dedicated to the Bone Valley. So, volume 3 should be amazingly good in relation to my interests. The book covers a good chunk of Florida, including areas such as Cane Country, the Lakeland Sub, and even some pictures from the Perry Subdivision. Naturally though, I enjoyed the Palmetto Sub and Tampa Terminal the most. And volume 3 promises even more Palmetto Sub action. This book replaces the old black and white book Seaboard Coast Line in Florida as my favorite railroad book. And I expect volume 3 will likely be even better than 2. In the meantime, given how much I like volume 2, I’m also going to get volume 1, which covers ACL & SAL 1957-1967 — even though I’m less interested in that era than 70-87. Overall, I highly recommend the book for Florida railfans.

Dmc-12 DeLorean N Scale 1:160 and HO 1:87 Back to the Future

DMC-12 DeLorean N ScaleI took a stab at making an N scale vehicle available. I’ve started with a Dmc-12 DeLorean. If shapeways ever starts offering a clear material that I could use to model window glass, I’ll start making a lot of vehicles. In the meantime though, I’m using my own printed decals as windows for the DeLorean. I printed the decals for my own DeLorean on MicroMark clear laser decal paper using my color laser printer. I cut close around the decals leaving just a sliver of the clear decal film around the edges. Get the printable files here for your version of the model: DeLorean decals N Back to the Future DeLorean decals N Back to the Future DeLorean decals HO DeLorean decals HO

Buy the N DeLorean model here.
And the Back to the Future N version here.
And the Back to the Future HO version here.
And Dmc-12 DeLorean HO Scale 1:87