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Cleaning Support Wax from 3D Prints: Bestine

It has come to my attention that the best way thus far discovered to remove excess wax from frosted detail 3D prints is to use a product called Bestine. Search the Shapeways forums for more info on ways to use the Bestine. It is usually available at Micheals craft stores. Here are a bunch of reviews of the product. Soaking for several hours in Bestine not only removes the wax but also turns the model from transparent to white. Then just takes some ordinary toothpaste and an old toothbrush and carefully brush off all remaining wax residue. Follow that with some careful sanding in stubborn areas. And lastly, clean with some soap and it should be ready for paint.


bestine soak

Bestine Soak in a Pickle Jar

Attaching Trucks to N Scale Printed Hoppers

I don’t often use the standard plastic pins for attaching trucks, because they don’t always work well with the 3d printed models. I use Walthers Brass Machine Screws (947-1072) #2-56 x 3/16 flat head. You may have to clip the screws or drill deeper for some models; the nature of some of the hoppers limited the depth possible for the holes without poking through. And if the hole gets too big just fill it with a little white or wood glue and put a screw in while still wet.